Dubrovnik Crystal-clear sea Sandy beaches The Bay of Župa Dubrovačka Panorama from our apartments
Only 7km from Dubrovnik
Crystal-clear sea...
Sandy beaches...
The Bay of Župa Dubrovačka
Panorama from our apartments

WELCOME to our Apartments

Apartments in Mlini
Welcome to Mlini, southern Dalmatia and the magical area of Croatia, the bay of Župa Dubrovačka is situated only 7km from the famous old city of Dubrovnik, called the pearl of Adriatic and around 10km from Ćilipi airport - an ideal place for your vacation!

The house disposes with 5 apartments, with an amazing sea view and it is located in the sea vicinity.

Beautiful beaches, rich history and cultural program, happenings, night life, Mediterranean cuisine is just one part from the rich offer of Mlini. Mlini is known as hospitable place, because people from Mlini welcome warmly and cordially.

If you want a quiet holiday with possibility to enjoy in rich events of Dubrovnik, and you prefer a sandy beaches, come to Mlini! We would be honoured if you choose our apartments for your holiday, where you will enjoy our hospitality and quality in offer during your vacation in Croatia.
Mlini, Srebreno
Something about Mlini
MLINI ... is to be found a little way south of Dubrovnik in the area called Zupa dubrovacka. Embraced by the sea and sheltered by mountains, Mlini has a mild and pleasan Mediterranean climate.

Being located between DUBROVNIK and its airport, hectic is far but still close enough.

Apart from or because of its peaceful sun, you enjoy swimming from spring to late autumn. Whatever you are looking for, Mlini is the place to stay and enjoy, for you and your family.

The name of the place comes from the mills (Mlini means "mills") that used to be moved by the waters of the rivulet Zavrelja. The brooks with many small falls still pass through the place and are today inhabited by innumerable ducks.

Mlini is one of the best developed tourists' resorts of the Dubrovnik area situated within a picturesque environment, beneath the historic mountain Spilan, almost penetrated into the shape of the mountain and the wooded rocky land. Pine trees, palms and secluded beaches, flowers and shady walkways are the features of Mlini.